First Step: Removing Ram Promaster panels

Our Ram Promaster came with the optional upper and lower side panels. To start the build process, we needed to remove those guys. We looked around online, and it seemed like any type of pry bar would work to remove the plastic rivets.


I opted for the claw end of the hammer. In my mind I was basically removing nails, and it did the trick just fine. Some mentioned buying a special tool, but I opted for what I had on hand, mainly because I was super anxious to get started!


I found that putting my fingers behind the panel and pulling out a bit enabled me to get the hammer under the rivets easier.



Just under two hours later and BOOM, no panels!


Pro Tips:

  1. Watch your face when removing the rivets, those things can go flying!
  2. You’ll probably bust a few rivets, don’t worry, they’re cheap online


Tools Needed:

  1. Hammerprybar, or similar tool (that last one might be a tad excessive)
  2. Screwdrivers, some for prying and some for screwing
  3. Nerves of Steel (this is more optional than mandatory)

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